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The design team behind the React Native code

We’re a fully remote design team (based in the US) with a focus on building React Native apps.
Hand drawn illustration of a website or mobile app's map of screens.
Hand-drawn illustration of a website or app being sketched on paper.

Notes from the team

A look into how we work, what we’re working on, and a few things we’ve learned along the way.

Where to find us around the web

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Meet the team

Find us building out design systems or leading the digital strategy for React Native apps.
Illustration of a hand tapping a phone screen
Image of Justin Huskey, Lead Designer

Design Lead

Justin Huskey

Heading up the design team, Justin leads the digital strategy to connect business goals and design. An advocate for intentional design, he keeps the end user at the forefront of the process each step of the way.

  • + business strategy
  • + SEO
  • + user flows/maps
  • + user research
Image of Jenna Fucci, Senior Designer

Senior Designer

Jenna Fucci

Jenna is a senior designer that jumps into documentation at the start of a project (and secretly loves it.) She’s a proponent of efficiency in design and enjoys collaborating across departments to achieve a holistic and unified product.

  • + object-oriented design
  • + design systems
  • + wireframing
  • + visual design